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The Cards

Inner Nature Cards are a powerful yet simple tool to help you notice and listen to your own inner wisdom.

Essentially three decks in one, the cards are organised into three categories - Sensations, Feelings, and Needs - representing aspects of our inner experience. 


These 100 cards offer a wide range of words that have been thoughtfully and lovingly curated. Each word invites the user to explore and consider the nuance and texture of what they notice and feel. Each card features a unique and evocative image from Aotearoa New Zealand's natural landscape offering a visual connection to the essence of the word. 


Like the natural world, the elements of our inner experience - our inner nature - are constantly changing as we receive and respond to the events, relationships, and circumstances of our lives. Every time you pick up the deck, exploring the suggested exercises or simply selecting a meaningful card/s for the day, something new will emerge. 


A practice guide is included offering simple suggestions for both solo and partner explorations.

Those in the helping professions - counsellors, psychotherapists, teachers, coaches, mediators, and other facilitators - will find Inner Nature Cards a powerful resource to deepen and support their work with others.

Language is crucial. Words open doors.
With words, we cross distances to reach each other. 
However, our first and primary human language is SENSATION. 

It is through our bodies and the language of sensation that we experience our life. 

With these cards, we welcome you into experiencing your body and its messages

as a vital part of your inner wisdom.

This project is indebted to photographer and creative Catherine Adam whose unique imagery provides a beautiful visual touchstone for every sensation, feeling, and need. We are beyond grateful for her vital contribution. 

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