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Anna + Katie 

 Anna and Katie are longtime collaborators, offering workshops and retreats that centre the body and body experience as the ground from which authentic, responsive connection with self and others emerges. Inner Nature Cards represent almost three years of creative conversation, planning, and play. 

Anna Groves is a certified trainer for the Centre for Nonviolent Communication and is well known for her body based approach to NVC. She offers online courses, workshops, retreats, and mentorship for NVC trainers.  

Anna is also a dancer, choreographer, and performing arts teacher working with teenagers to express themselves through their bodies. In 2023, her most recent work FADE: The Art of Dissociation was staged as part of the Fringe Festival.

Deep listening underlies all of Anna's work. Perceptive, pragmatic and candid, she offers timely insights and facilitate a shared understanding when others may be inclined to withdraw. Anna is well equipped to support connection when conflict is particularly difficult or challenging and can offer skills to clarify situations and support people to make sustainable changes. Her ability to empathise underlies a potent emotional intelligence that enables Anna to connect with people from all walks of life. 

Anna is currently completing a Master of Counselling at Waikato University.

Read more about Anna's work here:

Katie Lane has been teaching yoga, therapeutic movement, and body awareness as healing arts since 2005. She is a highly experienced yoga teacher and yoga therapist and harvests the richness of these body based practices in her work as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®. 

As a seasoned workshop facilitator and one-on-one therapist, Katie supports others to deepen sensory awareness, understand the needs of their unique nervous system, and access their own inner and outer resources to be with what's here. Her work is deeply informed by her ongoing studies in Somatic Experiencing®, body based NVC, applied psychology, movement practices, and creative narrative writing. 

Katie is fascinated and moved by how our bodies are 'storied' and loves exploring the place where sensation and emotion meet our human longing for understanding and meaning making through movement, language, and story. Alongside her work, she is beginning a Masters in Creative Writing at Victoria University.

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