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Upcoming Wellington Workshops

Our first 2024 workshop will be May 26th.
Details + registration below!

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Connect to Your Body Wisdom with Inner Nature Cards

Sunday, May 26th
Wellington Buddhist Centre, Newtown

$175 Workshop Only
$233 Workshop
+Card Deck at special workshop discount


In this interactive experiential workshop, you will learn how to use the Inner Nature Card Deck to explore, name, track, and communicate or express your inner experience using the language of sensations, feelings/emotions, and needs. 

This workshop will:

  • introduce and explore emotional intelligence + emotional agility as a body based or body informed process

  • support you to deepen your internal, external, and relational felt sense

  • put you in touch with the deeper needs or longings underlying what you feel

  • help you uncover the external and internal resources that best support you

  • give you simple, practical, playful, and powerful exercises that you can use anytime to gain more information and insight around important issues in your life and relationships. 

Over the course of the day, we will use the card deck in solo, partner, and small group exercises. Facilitated discussion, body awareness + movement explorations, and journaling/writing will be offered. 

While this workshop intends to be a personal exploratory experience for participants, therapists, coaches, teachers and facilitators will see how the cards can be used in various ways professionally - as a centrepiece for group work, to support clients in one-on-one therapy, among others.

We will have card decks to use at the workshop. You can choose to pay just for the workshop experience only or pre-purchase your card deck (15% off retail price) with your workshop tuition.  

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